Company Profile

The “Vrissas S.A” Company was born by the grandfather Constantinos Vrissas in 1936. He was the one who decided to buy a small vineyard of four acres, a wooden wine press and oak barrels. This was meant to be the starting point of making wine from different local varieties of red and white grapes. Two years later “sets” two small handmade copper stills of 350 liter each and starts distilling at the beginning RAKI without anise and then other spirits such as ouzo and BRANDY.

The year 1952 is a landmark of the family history. It is officially granted the first permit of winemaker and distiller. One of the most important stages in our family history is also the year 1997, when we built in a plot of 15 acres at a village called “Dendra” near the city of Tirnavos in Thessaly the establishments where we are today and which are composed of a Chemical laboratory, winery, distillery, five old fashioned handmade copper stills, four bottling lines and warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

Today, “Vrissas S.A.” Company produces TSIPOURO with and without anise, OUZO, BRANDY, Wine distillates, Champagne with and without alcohol and recently RAKOMELO which is based on an old Byzantine recipe with over 10 herbs, aromatic plants and authentic Greek honey. We act with a sense of responsibility and respect for our customers and we are certified with HACCP ISO 22000 for the production and the bottling of RAKI and OUZO.

Quality control checks of the production are carried out daily and therefore we provide the consumers with high quality spirits. Some of the countries we export our distillates are Germany, Holland, Australia, Nigeria and America. Three generations of distilling history is no coincidence, it is a fact that attests in the best way that tradition and art cannot be copied.

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